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The right type… professional multilingual DTP matters!

Multilingual DTP has SO many pitfalls for the inexpert...

Language tips for troubled times number 4: meeting expectations – remote transcription

Corona can kill international business.Remote transcription helps keep things on-track Multilingual remote transcription services can [...]

Hallo Jenny!

This business needs another pair of hands… Handling all the strategic stuff and the day-to-day [...]

Why Being a Good Guy matters – the ITI “Best Translation Company” award

We try really HARD to do the right thing by our linguists – and now [...]

Winter walk to work… with treecreeper!

< Winter’s definitely here, heavy frost and that metallic note in the air… so it [...]

What are we up to in week 16??

Welcome to our first weekly update! We’ve tried to tweet the major stuff before – [...]

Our MD on video!

You don’t often see an MD on camera like this – here’s ours, Lynn Everson [...]

Manchester bike show!

Cool but sunny Saturday was ideal for the Manchester Bike Show held at Event City [...]

Building a strong language supply chain – why reputation matters

The importance of your reputation in building your supply chain is really well illustrated by [...]

Walking Wednesdays!

Following our lovely spring walk last week we thought we’d do it again! Cooler and [...]