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Foreign language subtitling pro solutions at SME pricing – expert, affordable, user-friendly

Expert translation communicates accurately.
Pro engineering communicates convincingly.

Expert foreign language subtitling at SME-friendly prices gets your message across smartly and accurately in-country, with cost-effective professional product delivered on-time and right. All without paying London rates.

Foreign language subtitling needs expert linguists

In many languages, word order in sentences can change dramatically – so can sentence length. That matters if your subtitles have to align with key events onscreen! But, low-cost translators don’t really “get” subtitling. They’ll translate what they hear so the translation of the sentence fits over the length it has to – but they’ll totally ignore the fact that THIS word needs to match THAT onscreen event.

The result is predictable: Lost impact, and lost engagement, meaning lost audiences and lost customers.

There’s a better way.

We’re different. We’ll start with a careful and accurate timecoded transcript, which we’ll assess for these key moments which we’ll then mark-up for the translator with the required timepoints – let’s say that content is “THING“. The translator will be briefed to translate so as to place the translated THING as closely as possible to the original timing.

The devil’s in the detail… That’s already better than most “foreign language subtitling” providers. But there’s more that can be done if you know what you’re doing. So we will then engineer the subtitles, tweaking the detailed timings to fine-tune that appearance of THING to the onscreen events. While this isn’t always possible in some languages, in many it can be done surprisingly well with a skilled translator and engineer.

But there’s even more that can be done. While there’s limited scope with onscreen talking heads, where speed cannot really be manipulated, there’s greater scope to play with animation or inanimate object video to really align accurately.

The result?

Subtitling that’s aligned the best it possibly can be with your original video. It isn’t magic – but it is hard to find.

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Better foreign language subtitling translation = better product

The cost of translation is low compared to the cost of subtitling engineering. So shouldn’t you know it’s right BEFORE you incur those high costs? AND risk getting low-quality inaccurate product?

That’s why it’s really important you use a professional language provider for your translation. And use one experienced in translating for foreign language subtitling … because most aren’t, and it isn’t easy!

Because we’re first and foremost a highly-respected translation company you’re assured of high quality language – revised, reviewed, perfect, backed by our accreditation to ISO 17100.

But we ALSO know EXACTLY how to translate for subtitling – so our product is both accurate AND properly timed.

And once finished we can deliver as a subtitle text .SRT file for you to import and format, or burn that to video to your specifications for you so you receive product ready to use.

There are literally thousands of subtitlers, ranging from students in bedrooms to multinational providers.

But, by translating and subtitling with us, our end-to-end expert services, with our professional linguists involved throughout the process, ensure better, more accurate, more convincing product.

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Expert foreign language subtitling production

Because our team works in the language, product is more accurate & more convincing. We’ve delivered a wide range of professional foreign language subtitling for corporate, NGO and public sector clients, especially in Environmental and  Health & Safety and other technical and commercial sectors.

New to multilingual multimedia?

Whether you’re new to foreign language multimedia, or just want to do it better, we can help. If you ARE new to buying foreign language subtitling it’s a scary thing to venture into – which is why our super-friendly and helpful project managers will be with you every step of the process.

To learn how our language multimedia capability can help yours, just drop us a few details (in total confidence) and we’ll get straight back to you. Or to chat over with our helpful team call us on UK Freefone 0800 783 4678 (Intnl 0044 1772 558858)