Freelance Interpreter, Translator, and Reviewer Opportunities – especially French to German!

Are you the piece we need?

We’re particularly seeking high-calibre English <> French and English/French <> German translators, and growing interpreting demand means we’re also keen to hear from UK-based qualified (DPSI or better) interpreters in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Greek, Albanian, and Oromo.

In particular, one massive ongoing project offers numerous French to German translator and reviewer opportunities so if French to German is your thing, and you’re well-qualified and experienced, we’d love to hear from you!

Experienced quality- and confidentiality-assured assured transcribers are also sought in most major languages – including English – as this business stream is accelerating.

Lifeline’s strong reputation means we continue to look for more well-qualified experienced freelance interpreter and translator partners, and LSPs, meeting our high standards. Our partners include the best-known and most-respected in Europe, so do ask colleagues about us (or our French subsidiary Cabinet UTP).

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Note that “well-qualified experienced” means just that – applying on-spec if you’re not will just waste your time unless your language is exceptionally rare.

Tell us more…

Experienced qualified freelance translator or interpreter, or respected LSP, why not submit our online application? Developed from our 25 years in the language industry it’s quick, friendly, and doesn’t ask stupid questions. It DOES ask sensible ones, and DOES need supporting proof where you cite certain documents.

Unless you’re a French to German translator, please don’t…

. . .  just email your CV. Completing this online application instead assures you of much faster review – we’ll contact you for additional info we need, so you’ll be opportunity-ready as quickly as possible.

… hassle us. If you’ve submitted the application, we will get to you but – obviously – we receive a lot of applications and unless you have a language we’re looking for RIGHT NOW, some delay is inevitable.

But if you ARE a qualified and experienced French to German translator…

… and would like to be part of a really big project to help make Europe a healthier place, please email us directly at, enclosing your CV, and we’ll be in touch!

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