Website translation can be so DULL …

… fresh & natural website translation works MUCH better.

Your website translation is usually the FIRST THING a foreign prospect sees.

So make sure it’s attractive, exciting, and RIGHT!

Because there are few quicker ways to lose a prospect than insulting their language.

Website translation is disliked by many translators because the code and links make it fiddly and error-prone. That’s led to the growth of self-styled “website translation services” and ”specialist” webpage translators who often are not professional linguists, meaning that mistakes and ugly, hard-to-read content are common – even on major corporates’ websites. Here’s a cautionary tale…

That’s a turn-off not only for customers, but for search engines too. Even Google gets bored!

There’s a better way. Our skills and tools allow our best experienced professional mother-tongue translators and reviewers to handle webpages seamlessly and naturally. So you get flowing, natural website translation your audience will love, WITHOUT losing functionality.

… how delighted we have been with the speed and efficiency…”
– Bunzl

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website translation services done right.
multimedia website translation, consistent & accurate

In-language website multimedia

As well as just the website translation, it’s worth considering in-language versions of any video/audio you have on your site.

Our multimedia services offer professional solutions, will be translated by the same translators and – like all our services – are easy and very cost-effective to work with.

Translating your site’s multimedia lets your users fully experience your website – not just read it.

Website translation isn’t that different to other translation

Because once you get past the clever stuff, at its heart a website is text, Sure, there’s a load of other data and code – but without that text content, it means nothing.

And text translation – whether webpage or printed – is best done by experienced professionally-qualified mother-tongue translators (and in particular, by ISO 17100 accredited translators – like us). So the trick is to make the website translation as accessible to translators as any other text for translation.

Our tools do that. So our website translation’s language and style is as good as all our translation – just on a website. And good style is now a ranking factor – worth bearing in mind.

That’s good for your audience, good for you, and good for search engines.

Cost-effective website translation

These same tools can also utilise repeated text to save you cost, and re-use previous translation we’ve done for you. So if we’ve translated your brochure, and the same text is on the website, you save money – as well as getting consistent, accurate translation.

Most websites also have the same elements on multiple pages, so we’ll discount THAT for you too. All without compromising the quality or appeal of the website itself.

“Can’t I just embed Google Translate? It’s much cheaper – er, isn’t it?”

Actually, no – it costs less, but delivers FAR less. Here’s why.

Engaging downloads

Offering only English-language downloads, or dull text-only translations, frustrates users and loses you engagement – and potentially clients.

There’s a better way: our professionally-typeset translation in Quark, InDesign or Illustrator ensures your translated downloads are every bit as appealing as your English ones. And is very cost-effective.

The translation will be by the same translators, and existing translation will be re-used, saving you cost. IMPORTANTdon’t forget search engines index downloads as well, so the more site content you have in-language the better you are likely to rank.

Winning website translation

Evan a small SME website is a major investment, and one of your biggest tools for bringing in business. Attractive, well-written content is key in English – so why would that be any different in another language?

Powerful, business-attracting website translation costs little (if any) more than dull, unattractive translation. It’s just a question of selecting the right translator to achieve the best return on your investment. You’ve already spent serious money on your English website – why would you do less for your French site?

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