Multilingual documentation testing

>Documentation & screentesting in foreign languages

Non-English (and English!) testing for software, manuals, apps, websites…

Documentation testing is one of those things few people have heard of, but everyone misses when it isn’t done.

It’s documentation testing that ensures that your foreign language website works onscreen without those annoying ba dly bro ken wo rds, or wrong line br
eaks that are so irritating.

It’s documentation testing that makes sure that the index and bookmarks for that technical manual work properly, and that your app plays nice in all the languages you want it in.

And it’s documentation testing that can save you from thousands of potential clients walking away in frustration when your “Checkout” button takes them to the wrong screen, or the dreaded 404.

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Documentation testing for software & apps

But you really DO need a professional linguist when you need this testing in another language. We not only translate reams of business and technical documentation – we also proofread it.

That gives us the perfect skillset to test your accompanying documentation, in a host of languages. So you’ll know that when the user opens up that Help system or Order screen, it’s going to work as it should. In every language.

Documentation testing that works

Your people probably have little time or enthusiasm for this stuff – and as or more importantly, very few indeed will have the skillset for testing in foreign languages. Our linguists however LOVE it, and DEFINITELY have the skillset.

So why have this key task done reluctantly and poorly, distracting your teams from the development that grows your sales, when instead you can have it done by our professional experts – thoroughly, carefully, and in any language you need?

Foreign language documentation testing

Documentation testing for websites

Most companies spend weeks or months developing the perfect website for their public face – but all too often don’t then re-check it in the other languages they translate it into. Sure looks like that vacation website these two are looking at wasn’t checked…!

Unfortunately, very few take the time to ensure it actually works in the foreign language versions. It’s not just a question of website translation (although we can help with that too) – it’s about how the foreign language text looks and wraps, especially in character languages such as Chinese or where words are run together, like Thai.

Even in French, the longer text, and very different punctuation and numerical or date presentation can really impact your credibility. If you don’t understand non-breaking spaces, for example, you’ve an immediate problem right there.

Remember too that in some languages and cultures really basic stuff – like colour or images – can be a real turn-off, costing you sales.

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