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We utterly condemn Putin’s obscene criminal aggression against Ukraine, and fully support the measures taken against Russia.

However, many companies and others still need to communicate in Russian and we continue to support that through our extensive linguist network outside of Russia.

We’ve been providing expert Russian to English and English to Russian translation and Russian interpreter services since 1990, to exporters right across the technical & engineering, logistics, insurance, legal and financial sectors.

We also provide Russian transcription services in support of research, and our certified Russian to English translation helps many legal and private clients.

We price to be affordable for all, but with good, professional translators. Unlike many, we aren’t interested in using – or being – the cheapest, because as you’ll certainly know, there’s always a reason something is cheap.

That’s never truer than in translation – we’ve been doing this for 30 years, so we really do know all too well how bad translation can get at the low end!

Russian-English & English-Russian translation

We’ve provided over 1,000 English to Russian and Russian to English translation services to date. The largest was a 2-year aviation project, translating 300,000 words and delivering hundreds of hours of Russian interpreting. Others include ongoing technical and logistics projects, insurance, legal, and general commercial & financial material. We also do a lot of work for private clients (particularly certified Russian translation services).

While English to Russian translation is easy to find, we’d advise caution – experience has narrowed our trusted partners down to just 3. You may find our FAQ and Really Helpful Friendly Guide to Language Translation useful for advice on getting better translation.

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SME-friendly Russian translation services

With over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of sectors and specialisms we now handle most subjects, and with 3,000+ professional confidentiality-assured partners, and our built-in double review process – included in the translation price – we know our Russian translation will be spot-on. And that’s the case whether you need translation of a tender, technical manual, brochure or legal contract.

As exporters ourselves, we’d love more SMEs to win the export success you deserve. So our SME-friendly pricing assures you of great quality and great service. Even if you’ve never bought translation before, don’t worry – our helpful expert PMs are here to help.

Check out this press release to see how well that’s working for this SME.

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Russian typesetting and multimedia

Need that translation in a Quark brochure or Illustrator flyer? How about as a training video or cool animated presentation? Our multilingual typesetting and multimedia services are just what you need.

Russian typesetting isn’t like English or French! A Cyrillic alphabet is used, with a character set completely different to Western alphabets. Here’s an example: Образцово-показательный

Most fonts can’t handle Cyrillic or do so only partly, so make sure to use experienced Russian typesetting services. Russian is also very long, with bulky characters, so space is often a problem meaning that Russian expertise is essential. Our popular in-house Russian typesetting services are fully proof-read – here’s an example.

With SME-friendly pricing and decades of experience, what’s not to like? And it’s all in-house too – unlike most providers we don’t subcontract your stuff to the cheapest supplier.

Certified Russian translation

Certified translation is the UK equivalent to Europe’s “sworn translation”; the translator needs a good language qualification and lots of experience. In the UK look for a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Certified translation is usually required if the translation is for legal use.

Russian interpreting services

While Russian business interpreting has – for obvious reasons – stalled, the language remains in high demand for public sector and medical work. Did you know that Russian interpreting can often cover for scarcer languages such as Latvian, Lithuanian and others of ex-Soviet Bloc countries? Russian is often the second language in these so if you can’t find interpreting in the main language, a Russian interpreter may be able to help. If you’d like to know more about our Russian interpreter services just call Freefone 0800 783 4678 or drop us a note.

Notarized and certified Russian translation

Certified translation is the UK equivalent to Europe’s “sworn translation”. To be able to certify translation a translator needs excellent qualifications and experience, and is normally a full member of either the CIoL or the ITI.

Non-UK use may require sworn or notarised translation, or a Consulate-registered translator – see our certified page for more info.

Russian transcription services

Russian transcription projects include conference material and academic research, both mono- or bilingual (with a Russian to English translation). For legal use we offer certified Russian transcription too – there’s more on our Transcription page.

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image for foreign language subtitling + multilingual voiceover

Russian voiceover or subtitling

Most UK Russian voiceover services have more interest in recording and in video than they do in translation.

Not us. We’re first and foremost a translation company, so accuracy is key. We translate and review all our Russian subtitling and voiceover scripts ourselves. And we do so with 100% professionally-qualified mother-tongue translators and reviewers. We only record them when we’re happy, using pro mother-tongue voices and studios.

So our Russian voiceover doesn’t just sound good – it IS good. And our Russian subtitling is to the same high standard. There’s more information on our voiceover page.

Length is a key factor in Russian voiceover. Translating English to Russian can easily grow the text length 30%, so if you’re making video that will need Russian voiceover it’s a good idea to allow some space for this longer translation. Also make sure your translator is familiar with Russian voiceover translation – it’s far better to get translation right for voiceover before setting foot in the studio, than to run-up high studio costs trying to fix it on the day (which won’t work well – your content will be butchered to fit, with no say from you). You’ll find a lot more advice on Russian voiceover in our Really Helpful Friendly Voiceover Guide.

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