Language project management

Major language projects like these can involve dozens of translators and interpreters worldwide, plus voice artists, studios, graphic designers and printers, and more.

To deliver right, on-time, takes capability. Our unique systems, designed in-house by our Production Director (an experienced professional engineer) specifically for handling complex language projects, consistently deliver.

Evolved over many years, our one-of-a-kind management database handles every aspect, from enquiry to delivery. One impressed client even described it as a “mini-ERP”. So you can trust the right things to happen, at the right times.

Its effectiveness is borne out by our accreditation to both ISO 17100 and ISO 18841.

Project language management

CAT tools – Computer Assisted Translation tools – are now well-established; we’ve been working with them since 2005, currently working withTrados 2019. Used properly they improve quality and consistency and often lower costs for our clients, and we love them to bits.

However, these aren’t a solution by themselves; they’re tools, and like most tools are only as good as the user. Low-end providers increasingly use them as machine translation, sucking-in source text and squirting out “translation” that is often little better than electronic pocket “translators”. However, that is NOT what CAT tools are about.

Used properly, they assist professionally-qualified and experienced human translators, using interactive glossary and translation memory to offer similar existing translation for the translator to revise while also helping with terminology.

Translation quality needs human translators – when CAT-proposed translation isn’t properly revised and reviewed the results are “clunky” (or plain wrong). Poor CAT tool use is usually  VERY obvious to the reader.

If you’d like CAT savings and consistency, WITH good translation from interested translators, you might like to talk to us.

Language people management

Language is about people, and our translators and interpreters are people we value highly so we look after them. By paying them decent rates, promptly, we attract the best linguists to work on your stuff.

Our translators and interpreters have given us one of the highest ratings on the translation industry’s Blue Book, encouraging the best in the industry to work with us and assuring you that we’re highly rated by our peers.

Language partner management

Product launches often leave translation until last, making this rushed and risking poor language which can harm your brand.

Involving a good translation partner early allows them to advise on pitfalls such as document layout (key for right-to-left languages), the handling of figures & acronyms, and even product names – expensive re-branding, because the product name in target markets is amusing or offensive, is surprisingly common.

Good partners also try to save you cost and time. They’ll leverage your previously-translated material, and work with you to streamline workflows and manage glossaries.

The outcome is that your translations are polished and launch-ready.

If you’d like a better solution for your project, please just drop us a line (in total confidence of course) and we’ll get straight back to you. Or call our helpful team on UK Freefone 0800 783 4678 (Intnl 0044 1772 558858)