Face-to-face interpreting as it should be.

Professionally-qualified (DPSI or better) F2F interpreting services – on-site or remote

Over 16,000 face-to-face interpreting assignments delivered (including BSL & SSE)

F2F interpreting for business, social services, hospitals & healthcare, courts & solicitors, police…

Language interpreting is spoken translation. Of almost 50,000 language projects we’ve delivered to date, over 30% are language interpreting services. Most have been in the UK but we’ve also been busy in China, France, Italy, Africa, Spain, Korea… Here’s some case studies

You won’t just be the first company I contact for interpreting – you’ll be the ONLY one.”
– Norfrost

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Because F2F is both highly flexible and very supportive for all participants, face-to-face interpreting works well in most situations.

Our face-to-face interpreters are well-briefed and professionally-qualified, and carefully selected for their experience in your application.

Image: Face-to-face interpreting at work

Face-to-face interpreting is the simplest format – in fact F2F interpreting is one of the oldest professions in the world! The ability to speak someone else’s language has always been valued since it opens so many doors in trade and politics.

Essentially, the interpreter simply listens directly to one party and translates that verbally for the other party. No equipment is needed. It’s a great format for smaller meetings, training courses (we’ve done a LOAD of those), appointments and more.

It’s also low-cost; usually simply an hourly fee for the interpreter (sometimes with a minimum of 2 or 3 hours), plus whatever travel time and expenses are incurred. Our UK-wide network means that local provision can help keep costs down.

We also provide conference interpreting and  remote and telephone interpreting.

Whether for business meetings, medical interpreting, court or legal interpreting, insurance work or anywhere else that communication is key, a good face-to-face language interpreter makes a tremendous difference to the effectiveness of any meeting.

“Can I get face-to-face interpreting in any language?”

We interpret over 100 languages, including many of the less common African and Asian languages. We also provide sign interpreting in both BSL and SSE (British Sign language and Sign Supported English).

All our interpreters are well-qualified (DPSI as a minimum, except in particularly rare languages where the qualification may not be obtainable) and DBS cleared; enhanced clearances are available where the situation merits.

“Can I choose my interpreter?”

We’ll always try to source the optimal interpreter for you, taking into account experience, location, gender and personality

If you’ve a preference for a particular interpreter you’ve worked with before please tell us and we’ll try to obtain them for you. Interpreters are a limited resource however, which means that we can’t guarantee to meet particular requests.

For a better language solution for your needs, drop us a few details (in total confidence of course) and we’ll get straight back to you. Or, just give our helpful team a call on UK Freefone 0800 783 4678 (Intnl 0044 1772 558858)

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