Foreign language copywriting services

Multilingual copywriting makes your text glow

Elevate accurate translation, to invisible translation, with our foreign language copywriting.

Of course our “ordinary” translation is accurate, and of course it’s fully-reviewed and ready to use. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. And that’s where our foreign language copywriting comes in – an optional service that lifts your translation to the next level.

Persuasive, absorbing copy – a great marketing piece, or glowing brochure – doesn’t just happen. The author revises the text many times, re-arranging, deleting, restoring, and massaging the text until it shines. Then it goes to the client, who’ll polish it some more.

When it finally goes to press or website it should be one of the best texts EVER on that topic.

Now you need a translation…

When that text is needed in a foreign language it needs translation. And here, a number of factors may impact all that careful polishing, especially where the target language’s characteristics are different to the source language – which, frankly, is most of them. The target’s structure and grammar often require the source be completely re-written. Word order can change dramatically. The language may not even possess translations for some words in the source.

So the translator has to work within those constraints to render the source accurately into the target language, which means that it may emerge reading very differently to the source text. On top of that the translator has time constraints – plus, they’re paid by the word. The resulting translation will be generally accurate, but probably a bit clunky and potentially containing errors.

Which is why everything we do gets reviewed.

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Deep in thought… this copywriter is taking the time to mull over half-a-dozen variants of the text she wants. They all work – but she wants the one that SINGS.

The copywriter has the luxury of time, where the translator does not.

And the translator has the skill of language, which the copywriter does not.

The two roles are complementary, with different skillsets and mindsets.

That’s why, for text that has to sing to the reader, the translation should be copywritten. And it costs much less than you think.

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    Review is the process of checking the translation for accuracy. Did the translator make any errors? Did they misconstrue any content? Or leave any typos? The reviewer checks for these, so the reviewed text will be more correct than the original translation.

    But it may still be a bit “clunky” and awkward to read. Then, it needs revising.

    … revision…

    Revision is the process of ensuring the text is “nice”, reading naturally and easily. It may still sound “translated” but will be good to go as a translation.

    … and foreign copywriting

    Remember that the source text’s copywriter will have spent many hours on even a short text. The translator, reviewer or reviser simply doesn’t have that luxury of time – they’re up against other project deadlines, are paid by the word, and often anyway lack the stylistic skills of a copywriter.

    So our multilingual copywriting calls on a whole new supplier base. Just as you used an English copywriter, we use professional mother-tongue copywriters in the language. So you’ll receive a foreign language text that glows just as brightly as your English original did.

    Finally, please – typeset it properly!

    Few things frustrate translators and copywriters as much as seeing their beautiful text thrown onto an InDesign or Quark page by someone who clearly has zero understanding of the language’s presentation.

    We’re baffled when we encounter these – a lot of money’s obviously been spent on that translation, but most of that value is destroyed when the product looks like a joke in the target country. Don’t let that happen to yours – our expert multilingual typesetting services will be happy to help.

    Foreign language copywriting – when properly done – can really boost your overseas markets success. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business, just drop us a few details (in total confidence) and we’ll get straight back to you. Or why not give us a call on UK Freefone 0800 783 4678 (International 00 44 1772 558858)?

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