Document reconstruction

Document reconstruction from paper or PDF

Document reconstruction converts old scans or paper to editable (translatable) press-ready files.

Many older products only have paper or scanned English documentation. That’s tricky when you want to export.

Our specialist services reconstruct documents digitally to a standard often better than the original. The document reconstruction cost is one-off, and you – not we – own the new layouts.

So you just pay once for the reconstruction, then we (or if you really want, another provider) can then translate and typeset them into any new languages you need.

Our high-quality document reconstruction services produce digital files looking as good as the original – or often better, since you’ve the opportunity to update boring old Times New Roman to something more modern.

  • Our biggest document reconstruction project? That’s 20 fully-illustrated high-school Maths and Science coursebooks – well over 800 pages. We took scanned originals and built new templates in InDesign (flipped for Arabic). Then we translated the content into Arabic, and typeset that back into the layouts. We delivered the product as press-ready PDFs, now in use in classes.
  • The smallest? A single crumpled business card, re-built and translated to Chinese – client said “Looks better than the original!”
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Document reconstruction opens new markets

If you’ve a mature product and waiting export market, but only old printed English documentation, we can quickly, accurately and affordably provide user-ready rebuilt documents to allow foreign language versions to be created, opening up new export markets for old products.

Our own highly-regarded technical translation services can produce the new foreign language versions, or you can take our reconstructions to your own in-house translators or even – if you really must – to another  language provider.

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