Happy UN French Language Day!

As today, 20 March, marks the UN’s International Francophonie Day, we’re celebrating this wonderful language’s [...]

It’s all (not) Greek to them

This short piece was previously published in our Newsletter, but in case you missed that [...]

Everything you wanted to know about transcription but never dared ask…

Transcribe this… We’ve been providing English and foreign language transcription for over 30 years, working [...]

World Arabic Language Day

Do you know about World Arabic Language Day? Lifeline has been handling Arabic for over [...]

Lifeline has just been re-accredited to ISO 17100 and ISO 18841!

It’s official – we really do know what we’re doing. While re-accreditation to to ISO [...]

Because there’s more to work, than work…

Commuting isn't always a drag...

Translation isn’t just language…

Wondering what this image is doing on this post? Read on ...!

This language project management life – Kate (1)

“Kate – tell us about your time so far in our language project management.” Kate [...]

We’re certifiable!

BS EN ISO 17100:2015 – Translation Services “BS, EN, ISO – that’s a lot of [...]

So, you want a French website…

So, you want a French website…