Because there’s more to work, than work…

One of the nice things about working and living up here is the location. Every now and then, we try to share some of that with you guys. Preston IS a city, but a small one – we live about 5 km from the city centre, and about 3 of those km are like this…

Which makes the occasional walk to and from the office de rigueur, especially on a crisp Autumn morning. The route runs over the hills south of Preston through a nature reserve, crossing the beautiful Ribble river on the old railway bridge and dropping you behind the rail station, from which it’s about a 10-minute walk through the city centre.

You’ve a choice of two paths in fact – the Old Tramway (pictured) is lovely but a bit busy (for that very reason).

It’s lined along the whole length by huge trees that are really old and full of birdlife – but, you don’t get the views you do from the second path, which runs much higher and has far fewer trees. This also has different birdlife – our favourite up here is the bullfinch we’ve been lucky enough to see a couple of times.

It’s now October, which means we’ll soon have the crunch of frost underfoot and our breath misting in the air lending a certain additional magic.

But really, there’s no bad time of year to do this lovely walk and it really sets you up for the working day. The only downside is when you’ve walked in and find the lifts are down… and we’re on the eighth floor. Ouch.

Or, if it’s sideways rain or hail.

But other than that, there’s no bad time to do this. We’ll try to post some more pics as the seasons go on – hope you enjoy them!