Building a strong language supply chain – why reputation matters

The importance of your reputation in building your supply chain is really well illustrated by an encounter Eva, our Translation Manager, had at a legal translation workshop last weekend in London. Chatting to an interpreter over coffee, Eva asked for her contact details for possible interpreting assignments…

Interpreter:     “I’m sorry, I never work for language agencies, they can’t be trusted”
Eva:     “Oh, I didn’t know –  I do work for a language company – Lifeline Languages?”
Interpreter:     “Lifeline? Oh, but you guys have a fantastic reputation here in London – I’d be happy to work with you of course!”

So we connected with another excellent linguist, while she’s found another avenue to high-quality well-paid work.

And encounters like these – this isn’t the first by a long way – go to show EXACTLY why reputation matters!

Always look after your people – you’ll have seen in the press over recent months another language company really suffering as a result of NOT doing so (just Google “MoJ interpreting fiasco”). Here’s our Sourcing Policy – and we mean every word. That’s backed-up by the lovely comments in our Suppliers’ Guestbook.