Harley Davidson Rideout! YAAAAY!

We’re SO NOT just another boring company blog… summer’s here (at last) so the Harley’s out, an 09 orange and black Nightster 1200 from Milwaukee’s finest that I take Lynn cruising on if I’m not hustling solo. Following our blats to Blackpool, Manchester and Southport (just for ice cream), the last Sunday in July saw our local dealership – the excellent Preston Harley Davidson – hosting a big rideout. We were – as usual! – sadly too busy to take the day and go, but we were there for the off and wanted our readers to share in the sights and sounds. There’s some pix below, but for the REAL experience you NEED to check out the video too – my little cameraphone was overwhelmed by the sheer volume so the audio doesn’t do justice to the ground-shaking rumble of 50+ V-twins taking off together, but I think you’ll get the idea.

What’s this got to do with translation and interpreting? Frankly, not a lot …

Oh yeah – pix: here’s mine   🙂

And here’s the video!