Why Being a Good Guy matters – the ITI “Best Translation Company” award

We try really HARD to do the right thing by our linguists – and now we know we’re succeeding, as Runner-Up in the ITI “Best Translation Company Award” 2013.

If you don’t already know, the ITIInstitute of Translation and Interpreting – is one of the two Professional Associations for well-qualified and experienced professional UK linguists, the other being the CIoLChartered Institute of Linguists. We always insist our UK translators are Members of one or other – that’s one of the ways we ensure our translation standards are maintained (our MD Lynn Everson is incidentally a Full Member of both).

A serious language Company should be a Corporate Member of the ITI (we are) – this shows it’s not only managed by professional linguists but also has established the reputation and proven service to be accepted as a Member by professional linguists themselves.

The Award is held every 2 years, with only ITI Members being allowed to vote – you’re being judged entirely by your peers, the fellow linguists you work with. It’s really about how respected you are in the industry; do you know what you’re doing? Are your language projects professionally managed? Do you treat your linguists well? Is your professional advice trusted? Do you support and assist your translators, or are you someone who just fires jobs at them then hassles for delivery? Are you a decent payer? And what’s REALLY said about your company by translators and interpreters in chat rooms and get-togethers?

Well, now we know that being one of the good guys IS respected – and to put the icing on the cake our MD was also chosen as one of the two Keynote Speakers for the ITI Annual Conference this year (where she received rapturous applause for her words on looking after and supporting your linguists!)

We already know our customers love us – it’s ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC to know our linguists do too.

A Great Big Thank You to all the lovely linguists who were kind enough to vote for us this year and we look forward to working with all of you again soon –  and in 2015, let’s see if we can come First!