(Food-) Banking on Christmas cheer

With the economy in its current straits many people are finding this year unexpectedly hard, and Christmas cheer distinctly lacking.

Following an item on TV news about another Salvation Army food bank, Lynn decided to see what was operating locally and found that Preston’s SA has been running a major Food Bank initiative from their Harrington Street base.

Over our morning Chase List (where we review current projects to make sure we’re looking after all our lovely clients), she casually suggested to the team that it would be very nice to bring in a can of something for the bank….

Next morning we almost couldn’t see our office Christmas tree… the whole team had been out and bought extra packs of all sorts, we had cans, biscuits, baby food, cereal, tea and coffee, mince pies, pasta, sweets, even a couple of toys… we were able to fill 4 BIG boxes to haul over to the Bank the next day. FANTASTIC! What a BRILLIANT team!

And here’s the tree…

BUT – we weren’t done! We share the building with HP, and mentioned to the lovely Sue there what we were up to. A couple of days later she turned up dragging a heavily-laden paper trolley with more stuff – a huge box of goodies that HP’s people had pulled together, and a massive bag of toy building blocks. So this morning it was back down to the Salvation Army…

The experience really made everyone’s Christmas here – it’s good to think we’ve made a difference to some lives. On which note – Merry Christmas everybody! And here’s our Christmas Card to you, cleverly built from our logo by Angela…
lifeline ecard_2012