Walking Wednesdays!

Following our lovely spring walk last week we thought we’d do it again! Cooler and damper this morning, but even more wildlife with highlights today including a gorgeous little Nuthatch stashing seeds away, and a Heron giving us a low pass about 20 feet up – magnificent, like watching an airplane! Preston Council bless ’em have been putting good work into the nature trails, and it’s well enough maintained to provide a gentle and non-muddy walk to work. There’s a pic below of the main trail,  and across the beautiful Ribble from the middle of the footbridge.

Someone’s started to put birdseed on old trunks at intervals along the track, which is a great idea – you encounter these little islands of bustling bird activity! Along with the heron and nuthatch in our 3 mile stroll this morning we encountered Blue, Great and Long-tailed tits, Robins, Chaffinch, Dunnock, and Blackbird – magic, and beautiful birdsong! And there’s a huge old tree full of massive black crows “cawing” harshly in the morning air – immediately brought to mind a battlefield from a medieval movie…

We’re going to try and make this a weekly event, although we may be less keen when the rain comes… we’ll share more highlights, it’s much too nice to keep to ourselves!