Language tips for troubled times – Number 2!

Corona can kill international business.
Our 2nd tip – keeping control.

Corona virus makes keeping control of international business a massive challenge. We’re in the same position, but at least for us language isn’t an issue. So we’re pulling tips from our 30 years’ experience to help you survive, or even thrive, despite budget or travel restrictions. .

This is the second of our language tips to help your business through the corona crisis – but remember we’re here to help, so if you need language for another idea, just ask!

Corona poser 2: How can you keep control overseas?

Corona virus wants you to lose control. Don't.
Green = good. Red = losing it. Don’t go there.

When your team can’t travel to control operations as closely as before, it’s essential that written procedures and operating instructions are up-to-date and available in all the languages your employees need. That helps pre-empt problems with quality, safety, and delivery and is key when normal oversight isn’t possible.

Reinforce that with bulletins and posts to keep your teams focused – doing this in-language makes that message 100% accessible, as well as promoting commitment and buy-in.

Affordable, easy, fast. Act now – gain later.

With our vast experience professionally translating business content we’ll help you update documentation – even if you only have paper copy – and websites. Whether these are already translated, or are needed in entirely new languages, we do so cost-effectively and quickly.  We even leverage existing texts and translations to reduce costs further.

Another Language Tip for Troubled Times will follow shortly – so watch this space. While you’re here, why not check-out the rest of what we do?