Language tips for troubled times number 3: virtual interpreter services

Corona can kill international business.
Virtual interpreter services really can help.

Virtual interpreter services can really help you keep control of international business facing the corona virus challenge. No business can afford to lose touch with its teams overseas, and many are switching to virtual meetings – often from homes – to minimise risk. But many are also losing out on language support. They don’t have to do that.

In these troubled times we’re pulling language tips from our 30 years’ experience to help you survive, or even thrive, despite budget or travel restrictions. This is the third, looking at how virtual interpreting solutions can help keep your teams communicating. But do remember we’re here to help, so if you need language for another idea, just ask!


Corona poser 3: Now we have virtual delegates – how can we interpret for them?

Meetings are essential to managing business, and you’ll already know that where travel’s limited much of the same benefit can be gained virtually using Skype, Zoom or other online tools.

But what if you need a virtual interpreter for a virtual delegate? Or for a LOT of virtual delegates? In different languages? At the same time?

Virtual meeting, virtual interpreter

Did you know that business interpreting can also be delivered virtually, even at large scale? One way is simply by interpreters attending your office to join a prearranged video/audio call. However we also offer a full range of remote and virtual interpreting, ranging from the interpreter simply joining a session through their mobile, to dedicated multilingual platforms for full-scale conferences.

And while a virtual interpreter may not be able to deliver with quite the same panache as a real live one, ours will still bring to your meeting the benefit of years of experience and sector expertise. So why even try to get by without, when it’s so easy to fix?

Another Language Tip for Troubled Times will follow shortly – so watch this space. While you’re here, why not check-out the rest of what we do?