Language tips for troubled times – Number 1!

Language tips 1

Corona kills international business.
Here’s the first in our survival tips.

Corona virus poses serious challenges to your international business – we’re in the same position, but at least for us language isn’t an issue. So we’re pulling tips from our 30 years’ experience to help you survive, or even thrive, despite budget or travel restrictions.

Here to help

This is the first of our language tips to help your business through the corona crisis – but remember we’re here to help, so if you need language for another idea, just ask!

Corona poser 1: How can you help yourself?

Corona beating language tips - 1
You don't know what you got...
You don’t know what you got, ’til you look…

Sound language strategy is essential to bridge the gaps caused by travel restrictions, and as your language services provider we’re a key part of that. But you may well have more language resource in-house than you realise, so why not start by checking out your people to see if you can harness their talent?

Not every one will be a great wordsmith, but don’t worry – our reviewing/proofreading can ensure that whatever they can produce for you is more than fit for purpose, whatever the language.


Hiding in plain sight?

As they (almost) say, “You don’t know what you got ’til… you look”. To help your (and their) business through this crisis, employees will often happily lend language skills that you’re unaware of – so ask! From our experience with other clients, you may find many don’t even think they have a language: “well sure I speak Spanish, but only ‘cos I grew up there…”

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

We’ll be posting another Language Tip for Troubled Times shortly – so watch this space. While you’re here, why not check-out the rest of what we do?