Ah, Paris in Autumn…

Preston-based Lifeline Language Services has won THREE translation contracts for major regional development projects in Paris.

The contracts include French to English translation of commercial and technical documentation for Ports de Paris- HAROPA, a leading French logistics development agency, which is working to encourage greater use of the Seine (both commercial and leisure).

The second contract is for the French to English translation of newsletters and website copy, aimed at attracting business investment to the Val de Marne district of Paris.

The third covers French to English translation of newsletters, website copy and the annual report of the Paris Regional Enterprise Board.

Lifeline’s Managing Director Lynn Everson says: “Despite Brexit, we are pleased so say our relationships with our European customers are going from strength to strength.  We are very proud to have won these three contracts and to be a Preston company involved in major regional developments initiatives in Paris.”

French website image - Paris bridge