Summer walk to work – glorious!

You may have seen from last Spring’s posts that we can actually walk in to our offices in Preston – it’s super, through a nature reserve and then through a magnificent Preston city park, built by the Victorians and really well looked after (there’s a lot of improvement work being done as well). Pics from Spring though were a bit grey (as was Spring itself) so, HERE are a couple of gorgeous Summer images over the river taken from the Old Tramway bridge during our walk in on Friday… the white lumps are swans, yes – and one through the superb Avenham Park the same morning:

Beautiful day, lovely river, great trees – what’s not to like?

Environmental translation for cleaner rivers - like this one.

There’s more about Avenham Park (and Miller Park, its neighbour) here. The river is the Ribble – the sea’s not far away but at this point it’s quite shallow (usually). A bit further up it deepens, and there’s a marina in Preston itself (was a commercial harbour at one time as well).

On the walk back in the evening we watched a nuthatch scavenging insects out of nooks in the bark, no more than 6 feet away – he was just SO cute!!

Certainly beats sitting in the car on Fishergate Hill for half an hour… and if you have a longer commute than that, don’t you just HATE us?  😉

As they say, it’s grim up North…