BOING! Spring is sprung at Lifeline

Who says it’s grim Up North? Another magnificent day here yesterday so we decided to walk to and from the office. Lynn and I live about 3 miles away, and by brilliant planning do so at the other end of a nature trail (“the old tramway”) which runs straight into Preston’s magnificent Avenham and Miller parks. From there it’s a brief 10 minute stroll through Preston centre past our superb Victorian library and busy market (handy for buying breakfast) to our smashing offices (pic on our Contact Us page).

It’s not often a commute includes a Treecreeper no more than 5 feet away busily exploring the trunk of one of the magnificent trees that line the tramway, or a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers checking out the older trees for a new home – we often hear the staccato drilling sound, but this is the first time we’d seen it being made. Amazing – being a woodpecker with a hangover must be one of the worst things EVER…! Treecreepers are really cute – there’s a pic of one below.

We thought we’d include a couple of our own pics – these are taken on my phone from Avenham Park looking back down at where we’ve come from, through the woods at top right of the left-hand pic across the river, and across the beautiful footbridge that spans the fantastic Ribble in the right-hand pic (forgot to mention that the river looked stunning in the morning sun) – it’s a shame we couldn’t record the torrent of birdsong all the way!

We think it’s a shame that so many business blogs are SOOO… boring – we’ll be adding more fun and pleasant stuff to ours in future so stop by!