It isn’t Masterchef…

NGO translation

… in fact it’s way more important than that.

Enjoying a fascinating charity translation project this week, with cooking videos recorded in African villages that we transcribed in the native language then translated into English. The project provides an amazing insight into the lives and experiences of these villagers, and is being handled for a leading global NGO where we’re delighted to say we’ve built a reputation for delivering on the rarer languages. Something we couldn’t have done without the phenomenal global network we’ve built over our 32 years, and hats off to our great African partners for their sterling work on this project!

Working with any charity or NGO is always a pleasure and privilege, offering a view into parts of the world and society that remain invisible to most.

And now, thanks to the combination of our French subsidiary and our long history with French events organisers, we’re providing translation to leading French NGOs as well. A number are active in the environmental and sustainability sector where we’ve been privileged to translate and typeset leading-edge reports for some of the main players in the field. As a result we get to witness developments hot off the press at scales ranging from plankton to oceans, giving us insight into some of the world’s most exciting environmental stories. The environment was a core sector for us even before it became big news – and even more so today, and we can expect that to only increase as time goes on.

Which brings us back around to our African village, where part of the discussion was around the growing impact of climate change on the villagers’ lives and farming.

I guess we can all plan on ever more environmental concern going forward – so if yours also need other languages, get in touch. We’re perfectly placed to help.