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We’ve been delivering professional, helpful specialist interpreting in hospital and medical environments – NHS and private – since 1990, both face-to-face & remotely.

Fantastic. Patient was at ease and appointment relaxed.” – NHS Teaching Hospital

Medical interpreter services in action
medical interpreting

Care professionals need to trust that the interpreter is translating accurately for the patient. Did the patient say “pain“? Or “ache“? Because – obviously – they aren’t the same and can indicate different problems.

And patients need to understand the professional precisely, so they can answer accurately, take advice and follow medication regimes.

The quality of medical interpreting really can make a massive difference to lives.

Better communication = better outcomes

Expert medical interpreting from our experienced team of 100% professionally-qualified DBS-cleared mother-tongue interpreters ensures better communication.

And better communication saves time, reduces DNAs, maximizes utilsation of scarce health resources, and delivers better outcomes. Everybody wins.

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