November 27, 2014
chinese translation + typesetting for shopping guide

Our Chinese translation of Marie-Claire’s Runway luxury shopping guide

Chinese translation & typesetting for Marie Claire’s luxury London shopping guide

When Marie Claire magazine needed Chinese translation and typesetting for their London luxury shopping guide, another London client – for whom we provided Arabic publication – recommended Lifeline.

Simplified Chinese translation of 7,000 words and full InDesign typesetting services for the new 24-page publication, which launched very successfully in October, were provided entirely by Lifeline Language Services.

Established 25 years in October 2014, Lifeline provides a full range of language services including translation, interpretation, multilingual typesetting, transcription, voiceover and subtitling. With 10 full time staff based at offices in Preston city centre, the company works with over 3,500 linguists worldwide covering well over 100 languages.

Lifeline director Mark Everson said: “We were delighted to receive the brief, which came via referral from other work we’ve completed for London publishing houses.

“It’s an interesting challenge since we not only have to ensure absolute integrity of the Chinese translation but also maintain the house-style that reflects the Marie Claire brand. As the structure and script of Chinese is so very different to English, it was also essential our professional linguists handled the typesetting directly into the final design to ensure no errors are introduced.

“To eliminate any printing problems we delivered as outlined INDD file, with the Chinese translation converted to vector graphics – that’s a standard process for us when working with printers. Unusually among language providers we handle the full range of multilingual typesetting, working in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator and more to provide a complete end-to-end translation, typesetting and proofreading process to deliver the work press-ready to the client.

“Our carefully-selected translators – all mother-tongue and professionally qualified – handle every major language and a wide range of less-common ones – previous typesetting projects here include Georgian, Nepalese and Uighur!”