(Yet another) Happy client – conference transcription this time

Just delivered hours & hours of conference transcription for an international petroleum client – and we’re pleased to report they told us, “Many thanks to you and your team for turning this around so quickly … we will undoubtedly be calling on your services again”

Many thanks Victoria! Transcription – particularly conference transcription – is often needed quickly and of course must be accurate – so here’s evidence that we do it well! This one was in English, but we offer similar transcription services in many other languages – and of course can also translate the transcripts too. With conference transcripts being reviewed twice against the audio it’s time-consuming so we’re not the cheapest, but our various happy transcription clients seem to think we’re worth it…

The biggest problem with this project was the poor French to English conference interpreting (which we DIDN’T provide!) – frequent long pauses before the speech was translated, which when it finally emerged came out rushed and unclear. This obviously makes the transcriber’s job harder – but more importantly, it means the delegates themselves lost much of the content. Professional language interpreting – whether conference, face-to-face, or specialist medical or legal interpreting – makes an enormous difference to how well the situation works, be it a 3-day 200-delegate multilingual conference or a 10-minute appointment.