Our interpreting totally ROCKS – and that’s official!

Another great week for Lifeline interpreting, X2!
On the spot…

… where our interpreters found themselves at a session last week for which another party had interpreting supplied by another provider. It was – as so often – a delicate public sector matter requiring both fluent interpreting and utmost professionalism, and as a result of our guy’s performance the other party has now decided to in future use OUR interpretation instead. That pays a great compliment to our interpreter, and while we can’t name names here, you know who you are. Great job and thanks very much!

… and in the office…

A big hand for our brilliant Interpreting project managers here (Ines, Louise and Jenny) for providing such perfect service to another client. This client has for a long time been using another provider, but apparently with a number of issues – they were so pleased with our “flawless” business interpreter services that they too have opted in future to work with us!

… well done guys!

It’s obvious that the high recruitment standards we set, for our in-house team and our freelance partners, are fully justified. Whether in terms of customer satisfaction of the client and service user, or of effective delivery of the assignments’ objectives, they also give the lie to the “lowest cost” provision that too many still push for – including many who should know better. It’s true what they say; pay peanuts, get monkeys. You REALLY want monkeys?