If they’re shooting at you…

… you must be doing something right! These words from classic series The West Wing are apt today as we’ve experienced attempted sabotage and other stuff in recent days.

Sabotage in the form of a rather unsubtle hospital interpreting “plant” from another language supplier who got one of their stooges at a medical appointment to complain about the interpreter the hospital supplied – one of ours, and a very good one – then demand that “another language supplier” provide the interpreter for her next appointment. Fortunately the hospital manager handling the case knew all about “another language supplier” – whose interpreters she’d previously barred due to ongoing problems – so she checked with the consultant who confirmed the excellent quality of our guy’s work and was in fact most complimentary. Can’t mention names – obviously – but have to say that in our experience the manager concerned totally rocks in her attention to all her service users, whether patients or hospital staff.

Other stuff – don’t want to elaborate at this stage as we’re still investigating, but it looks like we’re managing to make someone unhappy with our still being here – although after 22 years, you’d think they’d be used to it! 2 goes in 2 days? Do YOU believe in coincidence?

Amazing the lengths some competitors will go to. If they’re reading this, they know who they are – and so do we.

So, they’re shooting at us – which reinforces what we already know, that we ARE doing something right – just ask any of our happy customers or suppliers!